M is for Murmur [The alphadeath Codex]

I often dream of you
Trudging naked over the red sands
Unwary, unavailable, cold as the furthest stars
Wondering wild in the feral night
In dusk immersed, a shard of glass
I dream of you when the hours don’t last

I once drew your face in a blank horizon
And like poison, it flooded my veins
I drew your eyes with charcoal and blood
And still no tears dared to show, eyes so aglow
Haunting, eerie as a house in demise
With charcoal and blood I drew your eyes

I will sing a song for you to dance
The rhythm will tangle us and burn me inside
And with all my heart, I will sing for you
Words of cobalt, red and blue
A song of death with all my heart
I will sing to you and fall apart

I gently whisper in your ear
Speak of love and thing to come
And mildly hum how I will kill you
And feel you murmur one last word
Soothe and pale, in my arms held

I whisper gently and bid farewell 


  1. Really like the character, sort of a love incubus delicately draining its resistless prey out of life... Love the images the words create.


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