A mostrar mensagens de Julho, 2014

H is for Hail [The Alphadeath Codex]

Sinister, you dare to say? The day grows late, the sun is grey My eyelids can no more carry the burden of Thy sight
Oh! Poor me, unable to uphold all this might, I shall hide, quick Startled by the footsteps pounding heavily on the metal spiral staircase, The one where the ivy looms and rats lurk, With their beady eyes glowing like dying ambers from yesterday’s fire May this thunderstorm soothe Thy anger and fade away And let the night roll deep, unaware of hell’s blaze
I dread all forms of warmth For warm feelings are too vague, mundane And a man in my position shan’t have his name allied with piety or other things humane Alas, this is the price to pay, for serving Thy name, my nameless shame
As I sat proudly, cloak and staff disguising the hoary and frail I glance at the crowd reunited here once more Hoping I’ll bring them hope for days to come Yet for myself hope I have none
Thy wrath, Thy virtue and untarnished love All this we expect from above, hands outstretched Claiming for rain to pour and…

G is for Grasp [The Alphadeath Codex]

Sometimes I believe
Sometimes I accept that one day, all will fall apart
Sometimes I just know I’ll break your heart
Sometimes I can see
A dark river runs through it
Floods the gates
Thrashes the gentle willows unable to bend before such rage
And deep
Deep within myself
Sometimes I accept
That I have become hell

And no bird will sing or cloud show silver lining
Because, sometimes
The fear is blinding
And hate is the only thing gleaming in your eyes
When sometimes, everything else just dies

And as hope withers, it cries in a whirl of misfortune
And fades to black
Sometimes, there is no turning back

And then, by cruelty veiled
Seated in a throne of spite
I give up the fight
Close my eyes
And quietly embrace the gloom
Victorious in doom
I have vanquished my soul

As I lay silently unfathomed
Sometimes I wish that all would fade away
And a that a harsh blow should strike me dead
So I may dream of faraway places no more
So I can hide from all this maelstrom
So I no longer try to gr…