H is for Hail [The Alphadeath Codex]

Sinister, you dare to say?
The day grows late, the sun is grey
My eyelids can no more carry the burden of Thy sight

Oh! Poor me, unable to uphold all this might, I shall hide, quick
Startled by the footsteps pounding heavily on the metal spiral staircase,
The one where the ivy looms and rats lurk,
With their beady eyes glowing like dying ambers from yesterday’s fire
May this thunderstorm soothe Thy anger and fade away
And let the night roll deep, unaware of hell’s blaze

I dread all forms of warmth
For warm feelings are too vague, mundane
And a man in my position shan’t have his name allied with piety or other things humane
Alas, this is the price to pay, for serving Thy name, my nameless shame

As I sat proudly, cloak and staff disguising the hoary and frail
I glance at the crowd reunited here once more
Hoping I’ll bring them hope for days to come
Yet for myself hope I have none

Thy wrath, Thy virtue and untarnished love
All this we expect from above, hands outstretched
Claiming for rain to pour and wash away our sins

Ah, they sing, sing to you my Lord the highest
And walk, one by one, pleading blissful life or peaceful death
Yet look at me, both in awe and fright
And kneel, bow heads to accept Thee in their fair heart
I accept the role and in Thy name I play my part

These unfortunate men march towards their twilight
In Thy name they will get through another day
Not felling forsaken, nor feeling pain
Sprinkled with holy water, feels like cruel hail

The sinister ritual unfolds beneath rusty iron skies
But in the bleakest corner of its crocked being

The priest knows it’s all lies


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Alquimia (autora: Fernanda Guadalupe)