I is for Inertia [The Alphadeath Codex]

I want to go home

I need to smell the fragrance of rosemary one last time
To step in the pebbled trail that leads to your door
Drifting towards a rescue flag, back to safe embrace
Floating like petrichor after a warm summer rain
I wish I could be there again

Say my name
Whisper gently so the whole world can hear it
Muffled by sorrow
Make it echo in every chamber of your heart
Cry it so quietly until it pulls you apart
And hold it forever in a void
So it can never be destroyed

I’m now but a ripple in a dead calm sea
In the offing of my destiny
Lithe and delicate
In languor afloat
A dream I will become
Asunder from you
Strand ashore

The inertia takes me deep into the everlasting sleep

I will never go home
For as I slowly sink into blackness
And as the blood runs loose from my veins
Drenching ripped leather, twisted metal and broken glass
I myself become past

And through the shouting, the wailing sirens
The screams of terror and burning flesh
I recall the fragrance of rosemary
The earthy sound of my footsteps over the pebbled trail
And your smile
That luminous, glorious smile
That invited me in

The last minute of life
Is the first day of eternity
As the ineffable becomes tangible
I become aware
Everything is oh so clear
With eyes no longer shaded by fear

But rush not my dear love
For when your time comes
I’ll be the one

I am at home


  1. É como se fosse sagrada a imagem da casa enquanto refúgio de um amor único, seguro e reconfortante, além de toda a dor e medo... (de acordo com minha interpretação).

  2. Casa, lar, recanto de conforto, onde as emoções, por vezes soam mais intensas em inglês. (Gosto tanto de te ler)

    (Saudades deste espaço... e ________regresso aos poucos)


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