N is for Neon [The alphadeath Codex]

Drifting relentless
A sea saw sway takes me away
Far, far into foreign shores
Where amongst the pebbles and the seaweed
I lay to rest one more time

The salty corrosion of my bones
Carved the most curious form of writing
Like a mermaid’s suicide letter
Maybe a starfish telegram
A seahorse dances in the ebb and flow

A murmur from the deep resonates
All is quiet, all is loud
A thunderstorm rips apart the endless horizon
Making the sea foam glow in electric blue
And the ocean lit up like neon

I here again, I’ve been here forever
Dreaming and drowning in sorrow
Marooned in a lonely place
Seagulls come to sing at my wake
As my body becomes sand and my soul turns to salt


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