You know how I loved the first rays of morning,
Pushing their way through the damp cloth of the heavy drapes
A memory ablaze, a heart’s gaze lying now quietly on the windowsill, so still,
Recalling the tyranny of faith, the mind’s horrific villains slumber
That once held me to the ground, without a sound, bound to fail.

For you I will stay,
Forever adrift in a mindless river of tears, lethean heart, forgotten by lore.
To never lay hands on your soothing face again and once more,
Quenched by the eerie cold light I bow, fingers lingering on the hardwood floor
Holding to the promise of promising nothing evermore.

So I embrace the pale blue rays shimmering in the droplets of dew
Ripping the shades of dreams that I once knew.
The reflection of a pale white aura slowly encases the last shreds of hope,
As I drown in a never ending wake of sorrow
Within the memory of you, but no hope for tomorrow...

There in bed you lie, thy body warmth apart of my stone cold grave,
Where the bones and dust rest in a bleak forgotten shroud.
And here I stand beside you, flesh unbound, not making a sound,
Craving to take back every single kiss my lovers gave.
As with the first rays of the morning sun, I mourn myself
Forever alone.


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