The sound of muffled footsteps across the stone hall
Announced her presence though the icy hospital
And unquietly I dreamt of a long lost home
The pounding on the limestone floor sounded as none
I become aware of the ever untold endless blight
She is here, secreted by the veil of Christmas night

Electric signals mark uneasy pace
Like the stiches in a doll with childish form
Like childish is my corpse to become
Slivery crimson traces the rhythm of the race
Alas, in my place, none to be ran so far
The winter fell with the shortest night
Oh nightly night warms my soul better
Than the Bethlehem star, far from me thy light
For trapped I am in the coiled of the black adder

For all I see now is an angel in white gown
Dare I not utter the minutest sound
For dazzled in waves of sea profound
I’ll sink beneath unholy ground  
She is here, I have been found

Morphine dripping
Machines beeping
My heart skips a beat
My cells in anarchy
My body shredding
My demise is now complete

- “She is here”, I muttered
A motionless heart no longer bleeding
Raised above my body, so still
Bless me Jesus for I am coming
Thy birth by thy side I’ll be celebrating
Hand in hand I am now led
Guide my soul oh lady Death


  1. Ora viva, homónima...

    Obrigada pela visita e pelos cartões nos vamos encantando... e encantando os outros.

    Tudo de bom...




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