Once upon in a feral world
A tale to hideous too be told
To be kept in books never unfold
Never again to be behold
In a world endlessly cold

A lost remembrance lingers in the void
As it fades gently out of sight
As eons pass, a fading memory
Of a live conceived without glory
A heathen child left behind
Unattended in the dark of night
To be swallowed by the critters might

Oh moonlit shade thou shan’t hide
In a pit of misery with ache galore
Till dusk covers thee with scars so deep
Drab as grief, as sorrow bleak
Withheld by nightshade in a poison ditch
Goes hatred’s child to dreadful witch

A lush of fur the wretched body conceals
As gloom swirls ‘round her will
My child was raised in black
The arts of dark turned into skill

My child is a forest of warped trees
She does not fear the scent of slaughter
Lurks in bottomless lakes
Does whatever soulless acts required
To drive into frenzy the forest mother

My child feasts on the unborn demons
Covets the heartbeat of mermaid and faun
Reveries decay and blood regrets
Bloodletting life wherever spawn 

Raised like Cain
In a whirl of pain
My child will reign
For to serve in hell
Is to paradise regain
My child will breathe again

And armory won’t keep you from harm
Nor prayer will cover the chasm
That parts your soul from the feral one
For redeemers who dwell in her doomed trails
Turn back forlorn or come home no more

A secret hidden in a rotten wooded chamber
A newborn infant left to die all alone
To raise horror to folk and hope no none
A wraith unveiled until the moment arise
When suddenly you realize
That I’m the child you dread and fear
That I’m am you and you are here

Oh dearest reader don’t despair
All good souls are caught unaware
When drained of life into a nightmare


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