Away from the barren heath
I wandered a thousand days seeking no man or home,
Alone, a shadow passing among the passing shadows.
For I’m condemned to be a stranger in a stranger land,
Like a beggar at heaven’s gate stretching his hand.
My destiny,
To have but not to hold, a sinner’s soulless soul,
Forever immortal, death in life contemplating
A life in death, wailing, waiting,

Failed, you said
To which I sad replied
Failed for I am still alive
And failed to stay
With those who died

You know,
One day a child is born,
Mother’s bliss, father’s joy,
Raised to become a strong boy,
And to take a gun for a toy.
And inside him, day by day grows
The basic instinct that every man knows
That leads youngsters to unknown battleground
And makes heavenly music from the blazing sound
Of guns and metal, grinding youth to the ground.
For the power of will
Gives birth to the joy of the kill,
To which no recruit heart is hostile

I left town, bid farewell and left
Like a thief in the starry night, I crossed the hall gates
Bathed by the silver moonlight, feeling blessed.
To return to my kin I promised, once and forever,
As a hero, to be carried in shoulders,
My name in gold,
Marking the door of my once home,
Women falling at my feet, a man’s ideal reflection of themselves
Only better, stronger and with power unleashed!
An Olympic champion I would be
As no warrior you would never see
A long line of pale skinny lads
Spread across the cold amber dawn,
Fed the hungry machine that swallowed us all.
Glory to those that write their name in Aries list,
For they are no longer simple man to exist,
But gods in potential
Soul quintessential.

The roar of battle called our name
Like the clapping hands that reward fame.
We marched! To victory we claim,
To become praised like no other,
The rush to obey the order,
That would turn these young men
Into gory cannon fodder

Oblivion I prefer to recall
For instead of something
I’d prefer nothing at all

To this day remains blurry
The result of all that blind fury
Oh, human nature revealed,
In those camps written in blood!
A story of many, the story of none.
Bodies spread across the drenched sand,
I felt the sea wind sweeping the weightless souls  
As I sat and watched the hours pass, endless
Shell-shocked, in a dreadful place,
A sole survivor in a wasted shore,
Condemned to return home nevermore…

Being alive is not the same as to survive,
Because a man that lives is still a man
And a survivor, oh, some would say
Is a mere glimpse in an endless horizon,
Covered in red, masked in gray.

A crow’s lament drowned in a spiral of pain
Elyzium denied, condemned to endless blight.
From land to land I dwelled, in search of myself
And when to myself I turned, there was nobody else.
The peril of my life no longer a question to be behold,
Only the shear contemplation of a noble death,
Brought calm to this unquiet heart every now and then.

Yet, years rolled like a storm,
Washing the remains of my undead memories,
Leading me back home, or what once was one,
Not as a hero to be held in shoulders,
My luminous ego completely blown,
In a foreign shore, so long ago…

A vagabond to all, begging for food,
Watching simple men praising the glory of war,
Embracing something they didn’t understood,
Preparing themselves for the grip of disease,
To honor the dead and what for?
There is no glory in marching to hell!

Listen to the fallen, to what they tell,
Listen to the wind, the waves and the sky,
Just someone listen to me once 
And allow me to die…


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