K is for Kin [The Alphadeath Codex]

In all the fallen leafs and brittle branches
In the still puddles and murky water
Inside the bleak hollows beneath the old roots

You won’t find me there
For I am dust and dirt
A feather floating amidst the locust winds
Ravaged by the echoes of a nameless name

And the itch
The unstoppable itch
That grits the nerves and gnashes bones
The venomous anxiety that swallows you whole
It’s not me
Nor by me is brought

For I am now forgot

And all that you see in front of thee
The metallic taste of a kiss ~
The denied bliss of love unfulfilled
The marks you left in your mind field
The bodies now carrion
Wasting in uncanny quietness
All the madness

That’s not me
That could never be me
For I
I am the next of kin to nothingness
I am the emptiness
The void in your eyes as you take your last breath

I am become death


  1. Very melodic, almost like prayer on sort of a black requiem for something that, paradoxically, won't rest.


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