L is for Lie [The Alphadeath Codex]

Fearful, unsteady
Trouble hiding in every corner
Yet no one seems to see
But me

Something whispers in the draft
Something you just cannot grasp
A harsh voice breathing fire
Tells her what to do
Where she needs to be
Will she?

Poised in a dark lit room
A dragon merged into the night
Invisible to all those undreaming
Terror awakens, nightmares unleashed
Hell’s wickedness unreleased
Oh but no one seems to feel
Yet it is so real

Step by step
Crawls into the ceiling, flies underneath the floor
Drinks the blood from shattered hearts
‘Till hearts will beat nevermore
But life endures, proceeds
As the dragon plants her evil seed
A lie after another
Corrupting each other 
Although everyone seems to see

The vagrant murmur deludes friends
Makes foe the lover
Antagonist the brother
Burns the will to bitter ashes
Stings the poison into your veins
And nothing else remains
But dragons breath
Spiralling downwards

Leading us all to death 


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