F is for Fractal [The Alphadeath Codex]

The murmur in your head
Driving you gently across
A bleak, slow, sorrowful street
Hunting edges of unmarked corpses in the night
Twitching nerve, itching skin, slippery hands failing to grip
To hope, any hope, any rope

Repeat after me
I, redeemer, drunken dreamer, sway untouched, unseen, unspoken
Under the dim lit corner, a sigh, a whispering crawling up your ear
Not here
Never here
Gravel soaked in crimson blood, the wreckage feast, the damage done
To whom? To no one

You never seen no one

We are not here to be seen
But to be felt, deep, deep inside your skin
Clutching at every thought left unattended  

We are the dead
Nothingness spread across the void of your unwillingness
Marching silent in a sea of endless, endless noise, a violent noise
As a vain expression of indulgence, a zombified nation
Without a notion of time and no time for any notion of life

We are the living ones
We are
The fractal mind of a collective perpetual desolation
The ghosts that sit by your side

As you read these words
I am now the shivering across your spine

[für H.]


  1. Poema, música, cena e cenário do filme completamente entrelaçados. Os nossos anjos da guarda são, afinal, os fantasmas da nossa “collective perpetual desolation”, algo que faz sentido para qualquer leitor... de livros ou da realidade. Tão delicamente negro quanto complexo. A thing of beauty....

  2. And what a shiver this is! Muito bom ler-te em inglês. Uma delícia, de bem escrito.


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