J is for Jaded [The Alphadeath Codex]

Say the word

A gentle scream unleashed in the roaring silence of the night
A gasping sound echoing into a blood drenched hollow oak
Eyes open engulfing pictograms of crimson light consuming light
An eerie blinding bursting light
Draws the words left unspoken

Say that word

The one that burns in my cold lips
And tears your heart into shatters
Say it like it matters
As if the stars would crumble into the land

Say it now
Because no one else can

Scream that word
Shout it aloud so no one can hear you
Rip it from your lungs into the saturated air
Say it  like you mean it
Like you really care

Say it
If you dare

Say it again and again
And again
That jaded feeling of forgiveness
And sorrow

Softly breathe it
Into my weary mouth
Say that you love me
Maybe if you mean it

Amidst the chaos
And run-arounds
I’ll live again
It really doesn’t matter anyhow

Say that word

Say goodbye
Say it like you mean it
For this time
You will not be saying a lie


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