The tunnel at the end of the Light

Shine shine little star
Never such creature shone so bright
Never disappear although you might
Just fade away out of sight

If someone calls thy shall not reply
Let them gaze onto the sky
Track the blaze in awe and sigh
And feel great joy and can’t say why

For us mortals salute thee oh star
We hope to be right where you are
Live this life in pain and grieve
With the wish to live wherever you live

That here on Earth life goes by
And all that’s certain is to die
With dreams of mercy and God’s good grace
We pray for thee oh star so might

To leave this Earth in you embrace
Forget this dark eternal night
The world is burning and out of pace
Oh take us star from this dreadful place
That is this tunnel at the end of the Light


  1. Domínio excelente, clássico, elegante, negro mas sempre a levar-te àquele final de peso que fazes tão bem.
    Muito, como dizemos do outro lado. :)

  2. Writing poetry in a language which is not your own shows courage. Great images to express loss. Light and shade, always hand in hand. Such a pleasure reading you in English. Shine on...

  3. Como te disse, há escrita com luz própria... e brilha sempre... suaviza a escuridão dos nossos túneis.

  4. luz. escuro. voz. mão. abraço. canto. danço. inspiro. respiro. contemplo. afasto-me. aproximo. quero. não quero. sou. fico. silêncio. escuro.luz...



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