Miles away from

Distance in me
I wonder were the ability went
For the travelling light
Weight on the floor
Oh miles, oh miles…

Today I’m contemplating the inner me
The mathematical theory of knots.
The unknot!
Surviving in the loop?
Oh miles, oh miles…

Brain aches come over
The unknot.
Sleeping without resting.
Never resting.
Oh miles, oh miles…

The path was never clear
Still there were paths.
I’m standing here
Like a dot in the end of the final sentence.
Oh miles, oh miles…
Oh miles, oh miles, oh death.


  1. "Como um ponto no final da sentença final"! e a sentença final: é que tens que publicar mais!!gostei muito:))

  2. "The mathematical theory of knots.
    The unknot!" Pura verdade.
    Sentido, conteúdo, estrutura, ... Muito!
    Concordo plenamente com a Natália :)

  3. Awesome. Even more awesome knowing how hard it is to master the side meanings of words (which make great poetry) when not using our mother tongue . How brave of you. Really loved it.

  4. Miles away from us...sometimes we are full of nothing.
    Other times we just can get enough...running to nowere, crying for the emptiness of the moment.
    A perfect setence. But not final...


  5. Os nós em nós, os nós e os nãos da complicada geometria da alma. Matematicamente desassossegante e muito bem construído. Queremos mais.


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